Start Your Day Right! Start Your Day with Success!

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Wake up to an alarm, have your breakfast and tea/coffee, get ready, take off to work, hustle through the day and come home exhausted only to repeat the same cycle the next day. Sounds familiar? Well, we got some life changing advice for you!

During our course of time mentoring people, we learned a few productive tips and tricks that have significantly helped us kick start our days more successfully compared to any other average day. During a recent seminar we conducted, we discussed some pivotal points and secrets that have personally helped us immensely to shape our day and eventually, our lives in the long run.

No Phone Policy

We are all guilty of reaching out for our phones no sooner we wake up. It’s how the world is molded. Phones play a major role in our lives.

Speaking of kicking off your day with success, the first and most important practice is to not reach out for your phone! Yes that’s right! No phones, no emails, no text messages, no social media. The habit of using your phone before stepping out of bed is a practice that hinders your peace of mind…before you even begin your day. Focusing on work, business, news, etc as soon as you open your eyes triggers stress and anxiety.

It’s a healthy habit to commit the first hour of the morning for ‘you time’. Your phone during this time should be a no-no if you want to focus on ‘you’. Using your phone right after you wake us is probably one of the worst habits to block your day.

Here is a personal advice + secret from our holistic nutritionist Sudhair that helped him: Do not take your phone to the bedroom. If you are used to setting up your alarm on the phone, replace it with a real alarm clock. The bedroom is where we rest our body and regain the energy needed for the next day. Leaving your phone outside of the bedroom will most likely cause you to engage in other activities

Read or Listen

Reading, or, suitably, listening to podcasts has massive benefits. Not only do you gain knowledge by doing so, you also improve your cognitive functions. It is a habit that helps you grow as an individual. It may also be the very habit that may help nurture certain aspects of your life that need to grow. Make it a habit during the morning hours to either read or listen to a podcast of your choice.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Audible Subscription: Commit 20 minutes every morning to listen to some of the most effective insights in the world. You can follow this link to sign up and get the first audiobook for free. Try Audible Premium Plus and Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks.
  2. Sign up for Clubhouse: Clubhouse allows people to join rooms to listen to conversions between hosts and guests. It covers a huge range of topics such as fitness, nutrition, business, sales, marketing and personal growth.

Where do you have the time to handle this? If you are put aside time to do just this, even better! Most people are used to scrolling through their phones while they sit on the toilet or while they brush their teeth. We suggest swapping that time to listen to a podcast or read a book. 

Clarity Meditation

Most people have a habit of having their tea or coffee after waking up. We recommend that before you could settle for coffee or even breakfast, to take some time to habitually practice clarity meditation. It does not have to be in a specific environment. You can make do with what you have.

Getting into meditation is not a difficult process. However, choosing the right type of meditation is crucial for the morning boost you need. A self-realisation meditation would be ideal for the morning hours. 

Our Recommendation: 

  1. Meditopia: If you have never tried meditation and if it’s a new practice to you, there are many apps you could surf through which can assist you through the beginner stages. We have tried Meditopia personally and would highly recommend it’s ‘First Steps’ program.

Getting into meditation is not a difficult process. However, choosing the right type of meditation is crucial for the morning boost you need. A self-realization meditation would be ideal for the morning hours. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Now for all you who may have noticed that the previous steps mentioned go one after the other…and you are wondering where you can incorporate the ‘food factor’ into it? 

Starting your day off on an empty stomach with some apple cider vinegar or celery juice will not only boost your health, but it will help elevate your mindfulness. Why apple cider vinegar you ask? Here are 2 scientific reasons!

  1. It contains antioxidants and polyphenols that fight cellular damage. Researches show that these help in aiding and improving gut health.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar contains live bacteria. These bacteria are known to release certain byproducts which are known to significantly improve our gut health.

How do you use Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning? 

We highly recommend drinking a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach. If you are not very fond of apple cider vinegar and you are looking for an alternative, you can blend up a celery juice. Both drinks help with improvement of the gut health.

Celery juice is natural and mild laxative and diuretic and has anti-microbial property to rebalance gut environment. Apple cider vinegar [with mother] contains nature made healthy bacteria (probiotics) aiding the gut balance again and on empty stomach helps improve digestion and has powerful antioxidants properties. 

You can purchase ACV in major supermarkets or online stores such as Daraz and Justgoodness.

Morning HIIT, Fasted Walk or Workout

Adding a workout or walk to your morning routine will work wonders in the long run! This does not count as your daily workout, but it’s more of a metabolism boost. This practice is effective to build muscle and burn more fat. In addition to this, fasting helps to switch on the metabolism and has twice the fat burn when you workout.

Our Recommendation: we advise you to make sure that we consume a protein source immediately (within 30 minutes) after doing a fasted lifting. It will be important to look into the type of protein you may require depending on your workout and personal goals while considering the insulin spikes a meal may cause.

Switch Up Your Coffee. Go Green!

There is a reason why you should not start of your day with coffee (tough news for all you coffee lovers). When you have coffee, it causes a caffeine rush which causes a higher heart rate and leads to an increase of cortisol, the stress hormone. This is unnecessary stress to your body. If you drink coffee to get the ‘kick-start’ that it gives you and if you are doing your morning workouts, it will cause a spike in your metabolic rate. 

  1. If you consume coffee to increase the metabolism, your morning jog or workout will already do that for you.
  2. Switching to green tea or matcha green tea. It helps activate your brain. Green tea helps you relax and enhances your awareness in general.

Hero Breakfast

Most commercial food industries advertise and cater to breakfast cereal that look great and is promoted as healthy. But is it really great for your system? As nice as it may look or sound, at the end of the day, it’s processed food with high sugar content. What happens when you consume much of these? It ends up spiking your insulin levels and hence increasing your blood sugar. This ends up making you lethargic.

In terms of success, this acts as a hindrance. It is strongly advisable to maintain a low carb lifestyle if you want to be ultra-focused and at your peak.

Our Recommendation:

Two eggs and bacon with avocado! If you are on a specific diet and if that might require you to have more than two eggs, we highly suggest not having more than 2 egg yolks as it may contribute towards inflammatory issues. Here are a few other options you could follow.

Gutted about not being able to include coffee during your day? it is safer to have coffee towards the end of the morning. However, it is best to refrain from coffee or anything that contains caffeine after 2pm.

Keep in mind, your gut differs from person to person and your system works in its own unique way. It will be helpful to keep track of what you eat and how it affects you and how it make you feel.

Now that you have gone over what your power packed morning routine should look like…wondering when you get to get your hands on your phone? Ta-da! You can now go ahead and switch on our mobile devices after this routine.. That being said, make sure you do not sit with your phone during breakfast because:

  1. You must pay attention to what you eat. When you concentrate on your phone while eating, we are more likely to chew less on our food. This means that your body will need to pump more energy and hormones to break down the food because your mouth didn’t do its job fully.
  2. When you pay attention to your phone or the TV, you will lose track of the meals you might overeat.

So just pay attention to your meal and enjoy it while it lasts…

It is important to focus on what you do. Whether it is reading a book, listening to a podcast, doing a quick meditation or moving onto your workout, it is important to pay attention to what you are doing and concentrate on the process. Make it habitual to be aware of yourself.

And then…you go and conquer the day!

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