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There is a real existing need for quality information and a non traditional approach to lifestyle change. Exercising 3 times a week and following a basic diet plan isn’t always the answer to feeling your best and being your best. There is also a high chance that you could backslide from the achievement you worked so hard for!

At Strive, we believe that each person’s life needs balance and is achieved when 4 aspects of our life are in order: fitness, nutrition, recovery and mindset. Each component is intertwined and plays an equally major role to bring out the best version of oneself. We cannot function at our best if one component is out of balance.

That’s how STRIVE came to existence to address this much needed balance and create a team of qualified and talented scientists, life coaches, nutritionists and fitness experts. We evaluate each persons individual journey and tailor make a programme for you so YOU will be able to live YOUR best life. None of these programmes are random and none of them are boring either!

Strive brings out the champion mindset in people and walk them through their challenges to bring them stronger out of the other end. We have four main programmes that we cater to our clients through:

1. Bulletproof Bodies: To feel fit and strong. Work your body to achieve your ideal weight.

2. Fooducate: Food, when used right, is your best friend.

3. Inner Game: Mindset is key. Set your mindset right and you have conquered the game mostly.

4. Fix-Yo-Self: Injuries are just bumps in life we are good at getting rid of.

Strive works one-on-one with you to evaluate your lifestyle and what suits you best. We want you to achieve your goals, not ours. After all, seeing our clients succeed is our reward and it’s why Strive exists!

Our programmes aren’t just a random set of workouts and a list of what to eat and what not to eat. Our programmes are tailored case-by-case to suit the needs of each of our clients. We want you to achieve YOUR goals, not our goal!

And what more do we have to offer? Our services and sessions can be done online if you like to avoid the hassle of doing it face to face. Which means, YES, we cater to anyone anywhere on planet Earth!

Get in touch with us and find out more on how YOU can spark up YOUR game!

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