Riding the Second Wave!

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After months of lockdown, social distancing, sanitizing and hand washing to the tune of Happy Birthday (twice to be exact!) the intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic is easing up and the world is returning back to normal. But the question remains, are you prepared for the second wave

To answer this question, Strive partnered with Warriors Arena, Maldives to bring “Riding the Second Wave”, a 2-session educational webinar on 21st & 28th June 2020. With a highly qualified panel of speakers ranging from Nutritionists to Yoga Therapists to Life Coaches, we touched on some extremely important facts so YOU can be prepared physically and mentally. 

Session I: Nutrition & State of mind

The first session had Sudhair James, Culinary Nutritionist & Holistic Nutrition Coach at Strive, and Nilangi Kulasinghe, Yoga instructor and Therapist at Strive, team up to share the latest research update on Covid-19 and how you can boost your immune system with the right nutrition and state of mind, body and soul.  Their topics included scientifically proven foods that boost brain and gut health, the impact of waterborne toxins on our health, practical breathing exercise to manage emotions but also explained the fundamentals of stress & anxiety. You can check out the full video on our Facebook page

Session II: Immunity, Stress & Anxiety

The second session had Keiffer James, Integrative Performance Coach, and Dr.Nilu Sivaparan, an Orthomolecular Scientist & Nutritionist at Strive, teamed up to combat Covid-19 health concerns not only physically, but mentally as well. Their topics ranged from depression & isolation during the lockdown, the ‘A’ Game, food and supplements that boost the immune system to natural & artificial air quality and how it can improve your immunity.

It was an informative webinar not to be missed. But in case you did, the sessions are available on our Facebook Page.

Over the next several weeks, Strive will be releasing a series of blog posts on all the above topics and more. So watch this space… In the meantime, if you would like to know more about how we can help you spark up your game, please email us on [email protected]

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