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Fitness. Nutrition.
Recovery. Mindfulness


bullet proof body

There’s enough information out there about fitness but is it for YOU? Yes You! It might be good enough for your favorite Instagram fitness model, influencer or transformation hero, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. You cannot tik tok your way to a fit lifestyle! So turn off your notifications, stop watching the ‘gram and let’s get down to business. We aren’t talking about the 10×3 sets fitness plan. We are talking about a personalized tailor-made workout that is scientifically suited for you. Because Strive knows what it’s talking about. Strive knows what is best for you. Choose Strive. Choose new you. Let Strive sprinkle all that glitter on you to make YOU gold!



You are what you eat. But who cares if you want to be a pizza right? Let’s be realistic here. Fad diets with fancy names are thrown around because it sounds cool. But it’s really…just…not…cool. Cookie cutter diets don’t work. Not if you want to see the results that Strive is waiting to bring you. Not everyone is an artist. But Strive is. Strive has a team of qualified scientists (did you hear us in the back?) who makes nutrition an art. PS: A little secret. We don’t count calories (silence in the room! Cricket sounds) We will say it again: we.do.not.count.calories. Boom! So all you foodies can still take photos of your food and post it for the ‘gram. Strive will get downright dirty when it comes to food so you can be a nutrition artist as well! Now did someone say pizza?



Let’s be realistic here. You fell down and broke a leg. You got hurt. You got hurt real bad. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the road for you. An injury does not have to be a full stop. Strive will put the injury to a full stop. End of story.


inner game

Now that we have taken you through the common 3 elements- fitness, nutrition and recovery, let’s get down to some serious business. None of those 3 would be possible if your inner game ain’t right. You have your goals. But do you know how you can achieve them? And I mean really achieve them. Strive will put your mind, soul and spirit under construction. Because who wants a highway with potholes? Strive will give you the secrets to self-mastery that will transform your life from a moth to a butterfly.

See the butterfly. Feel the butterfly. Be the butterfly.